eRadar HD 1.4 for Android released

The new version (1.4.0) of the eRadar HD for Android has added current watches, warnings and advisories for the United States Issued by the National Weather Service.

eRadar HD shows radar, watches, warnings and advisories for the United States Issued by the National Weather Service on Google maps.

 eRadar HD  eRadar HD

With eRadar HD you can see tornado, rain, snow, and hail clouds movement on Google Maps around your location in real time with higher resolution images than any other app for Android.

You can send weather alerts from app to your friends by e-mail.

With distance indicator you can measure distance from your location to the center of the tornado or cloud.

Attention: eRadar HD does not have any widgets and status bar notifications. But our other app: eWeather HD has both radar widgets and weather alerts status bar notifications. Try it if you need widgets or notifications.

All features of the eRadar HD:

 • Radar on Google Maps;

 • Watches, Warnings and Advisories on Google Maps;

 • Hi-Def resolution;

 • Animation;

 • Real-Time;

 • Distance measurement tool;

 • Snow and ice is shown as a different color than rain.

eRadar HD shows next watches, warnings and advisories:

 • 911 Telephone Outage Emergency

 • Administrative Message

 • Air Quality Alert

 • Air Stagnation Advisory

 • Ashfall Advisory

 • Ashfall Warning

 • Avalanche Warning

 • Avalanche Watch

 • Blizzard Warning

 • Blizzard Watch

 • Blowing Dust Advisory

 • Blowing Snow Advisory

 • Brisk Wind Advisory

 • Child Abduction Emergency

 • Civil Danger Warning

 • Civil Emergency Message

 • Coastal Flood Advisory

 • Coastal Flood Statement

 • Coastal Flood Warning

 • Coastal Flood Watch

 • Dense Fog Advisory

 • Dense Smoke Advisory

 • Dust Storm Warning

 • Earthquake Warning

 • Evacuation Immediate

 • Excessive Heat Warning

 • Excessive Heat Watch

 • Extreme Cold Warning

 • Extreme Cold Watch

 • Extreme Fire Danger

 • Extreme Wind Warning

 • Fire Warning

 • Fire Weather Watch

 • Flash Flood Statement

 • Flash Flood Warning

 • Flash Flood Watch

 • Flood Advisory

 • Flood Statement

 • Flood Warning

 • Flood Watch

 • Freeze Warning

 • Freeze Watch

 • Freezing Drizzle Advisory

 • Freezing Fog Advisory

 • Freezing Rain Advisory

 • Freezing Spray Advisory

 • Frost Advisory

 • Gale Warning

 • Gale Watch

 • Hard Freeze Warning

 • Hard Freeze Watch

 • Hazardous Materials Warning

 • Hazardous Seas Warning

 • Hazardous Seas Watch

 • Hazardous Weather Outlook

 • Heat Advisory

 • Heavy Freezing Spray Warning

 • Heavy Freezing Spray Watch

 • Heavy Snow Warning

 • High Surf Advisory

 • High Surf Warning

 • High Wind Warning

 • High Wind Watch

 • Hurricane Force Wind Warning

 • Hurricane Force Wind Watch

 • Hurricane Statement

 • Hurricane Warning

 • Hurricane Watch

 • Hurricane Wind Warning

 • Hurricane Wind Watch

 • Hydrologic Advisory

 • Hydrologic Outlook

 • Ice Storm Warning

 • Lake Effect Snow Advisory

 • Lake Effect Snow Warning

 • Lake Effect Snow Watch

 • Lake Effect Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory

 • Lake Wind Advisory

 • Lakeshore Flood Advisory

 • Lakeshore Flood Statement

 • Lakeshore Flood Warning

 • Lakeshore Flood Watch

 • Law Enforcement Warning

 • Local Area Emergency

 • Low Water Advisory

 • Marine Weather Statement

 • Nuclear Power Plant Warning

 • Radiological Hazard Warning

 • Red Flag Warning

 • Rip Current Statement

 • Severe Thunderstorm Warning

 • Severe Thunderstorm Watch

 • Severe Weather Statement

 • Shelter In Place Warning

 • Short Term Forecast

 • Sleet Advisory

 • Sleet Warning

 • Small Craft Advisory

 • Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory

 • Special Marine Warning

 • Special Weather Statement

 • Storm Warning

 • Storm Watch

 • Tornado Warning

 • Tornado Watch

 • Tropical Storm Warning

 • Tropical Storm Watch

 • Tropical Storm Wind Warning

 • Tropical Storm Wind Watch

 • Tsunami Advisory

 • Tsunami Warning

 • Typhoon Statement

 • Typhoon Warning

 • Typhoon Watch

 • Volcano Warning

 • Wind Advisory

 • Wind Chill Advisory

 • Wind Chill Warning

 • Wind Chill Watch

 • Winter Storm Warning

 • Winter Storm Watch

 • Winter Weather Advisory

Animation speed and interval between frames can be changed in the range from 5 minutes to one hour.

NEXRAD (Next-Generation Radar) is a network of 159 Doppler weather radars operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

eRadar HD is available at: Google Play, Amazon app store

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