Help for eWeather HDF for Android

App works on android phones and tablets. App has widgets and in result can not be moved to SD card.


App has tablet mode for tablets.

App has few windows:

- hour by hour forecast on clock dial

- hour by hour forecast on graph

- ten day forecast

- current conditions

- weather archive for last year

- tide

- air quality

- buoy

Google Play does not allow you to create multiple apps with similar functionality. As a result, we needed to remove eWeather HD and leave only eWeather HDF. If you are an eWeather HD user than you can install eWeather HDF for free, click eWeather HDF - menu - options - report and we will remove ads from eWeather HDF on your phone.

You can turn off/on tablet mode in app options: Menu->Options->Program options->Big screen

Video tutorial on youtube


eWeather HD is available at: Google Play, Android TV, Amazon

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Write us with e-mail or online form.

We have more apps: eMap HDF - weather map, eTide HDF - tide table, eAirQuality - Air quality.

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