Help for eWeather HD for Android & Android TV

App works on android phones and tablets. App has widgets and in result can not be moved to SD card.


App has tablet mode for tablets.

App has few windows:

- hour by hour forecast on clock dial

- hour by hour forecast on graph

- ten day forecast

- current conditions

- weather archive for last year

- tide

- air quality

- buoy

You can turn off/on tablet mode in app options: Menu->Options->Program options->Big screen

Video tutorial on youtube


eWeather HD is available at: Google Play, Android TV, Amazon

Our forum

Write us with e-mail or online form.


Question:How to remove widgets (notifications/ blue lines with forecast) from lock screen

 Answer:Android 5.0 shows notifications from status bar area on the lock screen. For remove notifications from lock screen:

 - Open your device's Settings menu.

 - Under "Device," touch Sound & notification.

 - Under "Notification," touch When device is locked-> Don't show notifications at all: You won't get any notifications on the lock screen..


  eWeather HD - menu - options - status bar notifications - clear all checkboxes.

Question:What are blue and yellow dots on dial and hourly graph?

 Answer:Blue dot is sunset time. Yellow dot is sunrise time.

Question:eWeather HD shows wrong time

 Answer:eWeather HD->Menu->More->Location list->Your city->"..."->Change time zone for location

Question:eWeather HD shows wrong weather

 Answer:Try to change weather provider with click on the top right icon of the our app

 or try to change weather station: eWeather HD - menu - location list - "..." - Weather station

Question:eWeather HD shows license error

 Answer:eWeather HD->Menu->More->Report

Question:eWeather HD shows a nearby town instead of my city

 Answer:eWeather HD does not show current location. eWeather HD shows weather forecast for nearest city from our cities database (300 000 cities). We are working on increase locations number in our database.

Question:eWeather HD does not follow by my location

 Answer:1. Check Phone->Setting->My location->By network. Is it enabled? If not then enable it and click eWeather HD->Menu->Update weather now.

 2. If problem will not resolved then click eWeather HD->Menu->Location list->"..."->"Follow by network only"->"Follow by network and GPS".

 3. If problem will not resolved then click eWeather HD->Menu->Options->Report

Question:eWeather HD does not remember last screen

 Answer:If you start app from app icons then our app shows last used screen (10 day, 24 hours or current conditions).

 If you start app from Elecont Widget then our app shows screen from widget option (eWeather HD->Menu->More->Options->Widget->Some widget->On click...)

 If you start app from status bar notification then our app shows screen from status bar notification option (eWeather HD->Menu->More->Options->status bar notification->On click...)

Question:I can not install eWeather HD in my phone.

 Answer:Write us your phone model and we will send special edition of the our app for your phone

Question:How to add widget?

 Answer:Is eWeather HD in main memory or on SD card? Move eWeather HD from SD card to main memory.

 1. Touch the all apps icon on your Home screen.

 2. Touch Widgets at the top of the screen.

 3. Swipe left or right and find Elecont widgets

 4. Drag a widget to a Home screen: Touch and hold the widget's icon, slide your finger where you want to place it, and lift your finger.

 If you do not see Elecont widgets in widgets list then restart phone and try again.

Question:How to decrease battery usage

 Answer:1. eWeather HD - Menu - Options - Programm -Disable work of the app in background - turn off

 2. eWeather HD - Menu - Options - Update schedule - Disable weather update when screen is off - turn on

Question:What is headache indicator?

 Answer:Headache indicator is a diagram is displayed which shows the atmospheric pressure changes for the past 24 hours. A red warning display is produced when the barometer detects changes more than 0.2 inhg.

 It is available in current conditions page: eWeather HD- menu - CC;

 You can turn on headache indicator in status bar notification area: eWeather HD - menu - options - status bar notification - pressure

 You can add widget with headache indicator: Phone-add widget - elecont 1x1 barometer

Question:I set to see earthquakes only near my city. Why do I see earthquakes worlwide still?

 Answer:Our app has two earthquakes filters:

 1. Show earthquakes above some magnitude and near some distance

 2. Show significant earthquakes without distance limit.

 In result you can see all earthquakes near your city and show only huge earthquakes worlwide.

 If you do not want to see earthquakes worldwide then turn off second filter: eWeather HD -> menu -> options ->earthquakes ->Always(without distance limitation) show earthquakes with magnitude above:6.0 -> 9.5

Question:How to add widget on lockscreen

 Answer:Only Android 4.x supports lock screen widgets. Android 5.x does not support lock screen widgets.

 Lock screen widgets do not work with any password on the lock screen.

 1. For some phones: Phone - settings - My device - Lock screen - Multiple widgets->Enable

 2. Put your phone to sleep, then click the power button to light up the lock screen.

 3. Swipe from the left edge of the display to the right edge—and as you do, a secondary lock screen with a big “+” sign in the middle will slide into view.

 4. Tap the “+” sign to see a list of available lock-screen widgets. If your phone is protected by a passcode, you’ll need to enter it first before you can browse your available widgets.

 Want to get rid of a lock-screen widget? Tap and hold it, then drag it up to the “Remove” icon.

Question:I changed icon theme to "classic". But app shows "Photo" theme still.

 Answer:Our app has only photo icons in HD resolutions. In result app on HD screens does not allow classic and symbol icons. In future we will make both classic and symbol icons in HD resolution.

Question:My phone shows big menu bar on the bottom of the screen

 Answer:Phone -> Settings - Display, Gesture & buttons -> Home button -> Swipe up for Google Now, press and hold for menu

Question:What does wind arrows mean?

 Answer:see here

Question:What is geomagnetic index?

 Answer:see on NOAA

 see on Wikipedia

Question:What permissions does app need?

 Answer:android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - for save weather forecast on phone

 android.permission.INTERNET - for load weather forecast from our server

 android.permission.VIBRATE - for vibrate on click

 android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - for check internet state

 android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - for load weather forecast for current location

 android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - for load weather forecast for current location

 android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - for update status bar notification and widgets after phone start

Question:How to add custom icons or clocks into app

 Answer:You can upload own icon themes and digital clocks into app and widgets.


 1. Digital clock is a a zip file. Zip file should contain:

 - Required: 10 png image files with numbers from 0 to 9 with names: 0.png, 1.png .... 9.png

 - Optional: preview.png - example image hours

 - Optional: bg.png - the background of hours.

 - Optional: fg.png - foreground hours.

 - Optional: am.png - the letter A to the 12-hour clock format

 - Optional: pm.png - the letter P for the 12-hour clock format

 Rendering algorithm is as follows:

 - Initially app draws background: bg.png.

 - Then app draws the digits: 0.png... 9.png

 - Then app draws fg.png


 2. Icon theme variant 1

 Icon theme is also a zip file. Zip file should contain:

 - Required: sun.png, cloud.png, moon.png, rain.png, snow.png, rain_snow.png, storm.png, sun_cloud.png

 - Optional: moon phase (phase 8): moon_f1.png, moon_f2.png, moon_f3.png, moon_f4.png, moon_f5.png, moon_f6.png, moon_f7.png, moon_f8.png

 - Optional: mostly_cloudy.png, mostly_sunny.png, rain_big.png, rain_small.png, snow_big.png, snow_small.png, fog.png

 - If the file name is in the form: sun_512.png, then digit is the dimensions of the picture. When app displays icon the app will select file with the most appropriate size. For example, if the width of the screen image is 500 pixels, and there are files sun_512.png and sun_256.png, then app will select sun_512.png.


 3. Icon theme variant 2

 Icon theme is also a zip file with 47 icons: 1.png, 2.png, 3.png ... 47.png


 Digital Clock examples:


 Icon theme variant 1 examples: