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Resource Manager

Task manager for Windows Mobile

Elecont Resource Manager is the unique way to control your Windows Mobile device. Running applications, CPU and memory usage, estimated battery time will be displayed on Home/Today screen.

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  1. Touch-controlled Task Manager for Windows Mobile
  2. Windows Mobile CPU usage indication
  3. Windows Mobile estimated battery time
  4. Memory usage information for each program
  5. Animated effects
  6. Whole memory and battery usage indicators
  7. The easiest touch and joystick interface
  8. Activate any program in two clicks
  9. Close any/all programs in two clicks
  10. Exclusion list for running programs

Resource Manager helps you to take control over your Windows Mobile device. You can watch how much the CPU is currently in use by running applications. You can switch between running applications or close unused and save the memory or battery life time. Elecont Resource Manager predicts the estimated remaining time to the full battery discharge. With Elecont Resource Manager you can optimize your Windows Mobile device and extend the usage time.

Elecont Pocket PC and Smartphone Manager displays CPU, memory and battery indicators on the left. To close all programs please click on the indicators. It causes the manager to display two icons. The left one (red cross) is intended for closing all programs. The right one is for the Elecont Pocket PC Manager options dialog. The left icon may be hidden when no programs are running.

The options dialog is intended for online purchase and activation and for changing icon size and adding programs to exclusion list.

The exclusion list hides running programs from home/today screen. It is useful for the programs which are running 24 hours (for example Instant Messengers ) The programs from exclusion list are won't be closed when the Close All programs icon is pressed.

The running programs are displayed after the memory and battery indicators. Each icon has own memory indicator which displays program's memory usage. Clicking on program's icon you can open or close it. Right after you click the manager is displaying two icons. The left one (the red cross) close the program and the right one (green arrow) shows the running application. The secondary click on application icon will replace the left icon to red cross with green circle. Click it to close all programs except the current. This functon is very useful when you need to give maximum memory to this application.

Information on Home/Today
  1. Realtime CPU monitoring
  2. Overall Memory load
  3. Overall Battery with estimated time
  4. Memory load per program
  5. Running programs with animated icons


  1. Open/Close program
  2. Close all running programs
  3. Close all running programs except selected

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